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Please be fair and honest with your reviews, this is how service providers make their living. Try not to be swayed at the mercy of emotions you feel immediately after an encounter, as your feelings may change for a day or two.

FAIR WARNING: We will not post reviews that criticize or disparage any provider, nor will we post reviews that contain derogatory terms such as "cunt", "slut", "bitch" or any other language we deem inappropriate or offensive. Richobo created a community where fans can help a member find exactly what they're looking for or warn someone to stay away from a provider that doesn't look, act, or perform as advertised.

Members appreciate this warning of Rob's, Bait and Switch providers or dangerous or dirty situations. Some members are sensitive to dirt, animals, noise, alcohol or smoking. So be sure to mention anything important in your review.

Reviews are limited to 1 per provider. You can edit reviews only once within 24 hours of posting. After that, you can always add comments to your review to receive updates.

Reviews that violate Richobo's policies (which are updated periodically) will be removed and points will be removed at Richobo's sole discretion.

Richobo reserves the right to disable the account of anyone who violates Richobo's policies and may suspend a membership if Richobo believes the violations were intentional, repeated, or egregious. Richobo has a policy of Favors (free or discounted meetings, etc., or valuables) in exchange for good reviews.

Richobo also has a policy against trying to get free or discounted meetings, and threatens with a bad rating. Providers can offer incentives to meet new customers or attract more business, but incentives for good reviews are prohibited. Remember, you're trying to help other members get the best value for their money, and fake or inaccurate reviews won't do that.