Adult travel guide in Morocco



Morocco is a country in North Africa that has coastlines on both the North Atlantic  and the Mediterranean Sea. It  borders  to the south on Western Sahara, to the east on Algeria and on the Spanish North African territories  Ceuta and Melilla  the Mediterranean coast in the north. It is just across the Strait of Gibraltar from Gibraltar.

The fragrant air of Morocco seems flavored with local spices. Surrounded by the dunes of the Sahara, the kingdom has been inhabited for hundreds of thousands of years. And from the bustling medina of Marrakech to the patchwork of leather tanners in Fes, Moroccan culture is still rich in traditions. Essaouira's collection of blue-bottomed boats  has become a monochrome hallmark of the city, while Casablanca's cafes will evoke your inner Bogie or  Bergman.

Prostitution has been illegal in Morocco since the 1970s.

Most of Morocco's sex tourism industry is based in popular tourist destinations. While there are smaller sex tourism industries in Morocco along the main routes in and out of the country, the majority can be found in cities like Marrakech and Casablanca. Morocco is easy and affordable. And because all Moroccans like to talk about the large prostitution scene in their country. Morocco is considered a liberal Muslim country and there are many beautiful Moroccan prostitutes working in secret brothels.Obviously there is a huge underground sex scene in Morocco waiting to be discovered.The standard price for the girls is 1000 dirhams ($100) per night. Most are between 18 and 30 years old. By the looks of it, most are between the ages of 7 and 10. Most offer BJ at no extra cost. Anal sex is out of the question for the most beautiful. In general there are three ways to find women in Morocco.

  1. Rent a furnished apartment or villa. 
  2. Clubs, bars and lounges for professional girls. 
  3. Shopping centers, restaurants and cafeterias for semi-professional girls.

Cities have different types of establishments where you can meet prostitutes.

Cabaret, bar, hotel lobby, discotheques. Very few bars seem to have prostitutes, as most bars have only men. Some bars in central Casablanca can perform between 5 and her 15 prostitutes from around 9pm to 10pm. (Bars seem to close at 10pm) Also, some big hotel lobbies and discotheques can have 5-20 prostitutes from around 8pm to 2am. By the way, in Morocco, women who only drink in bars are considered prostitutes. The quality of women available is as low as the quantity. Most prostitutes are a little older (about 25 to her 50) and (really) fat. Occasionally, however, you come across something that looks pretty good. But common bad attitudes between bad whores and handsome whores:

The experience they were all very rude and money greedy. All prostitutes are obviously only interested in money and obviously don't care about you. All prostitutes are always asking for money, more money, more money.

They demanded to pay for her drink, her friend's drink, her friend's cab, her cab, her sick father, another friend's drink, her sick child, etc. . Also, they are 100% liars.

Every word that came out of her mouth was a blatant lie and an insult to my intelligence. Prostitution was regulated in Morocco during French colonial times. Officials were concerned about the spread of syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases. This time, "Quartiers réservés" or so-called red-light districts were set up where prostitutes were allowed to work.

Busuville from Casablanca, Moulay Abdullah from Fez, Oukasa from Rabat and Bab El Khemis from Marrakech. Within these her RLDs, prostitutes were required to be registered, undergo regular medical examinations and work. Prostitutes had to carry their registration cards at all times, and were allowed to travel outside their neighborhoods only with a permit. Outside the neighborhoods, brothels and sex clubs were established for Europeans.The prostitutes in these brothels were subject to the same regulations. Some prostitutes worked illegally outside the barracks, and there were brothels for soldiers.

Rabat – the capital of Morocco. Very relaxing and stress free, highlights include his 12th century tower and minaret.

Agadir - a modern city in southern Morocco.

Casablanca – This modern seaside city is the starting point for travelers arriving by air. If you have time, both the historic medina and the modern mosque (he is the third largest in the world) are worth visiting.

Fez – Fez is the former capital of Morocco and one of the oldest and largest medieval cities in the world.

Marrakech (Marrakech) – Marrakech is the perfect combination of old and new Morocco. Plan at least a few days to explore the Medina's vast labyrinthine souks and ruins. Don't miss the large square Jemaa el Fna at sunset.

Meknes - A modern, laid-back city that offers a welcome break from the tourist bustle of nearby Fes.

Tangier – Tangier is the starting point for most travelers arriving by ferry from Spain. A mysterious charm that has attracted countless artists (Matisse), musicians (Hendrix), politicians (Churchill), writers (Burrows, Twain) and others (Malcolm Forbes) in the past. Tetouan - gateway to beautiful beaches and the Rif Mountains

Homosexuals in Morocco 

Sex tourism in Morocco also attracts gay men and women. Homosexuality is actually illegal in Morocco, but there is still an underground gay and lesbian Morocco has sex tourism scene that is particularly popular with Arabs.

Escort service in Morocco 

Finding someone to accompany you on your trip can be a little tricky. An ideal alternative to escort girls is looking for a mutually beneficial relationship. There are thousands of horny girls willing to do anything for a generous man. Check here to start dating beautiful young women today.

Safety in Morocco

 Avoid sharing a taxi late at night as the police may stop you if you bring a girl from somewhere other than your hotel. If you are stopped, you will pay a few hundred dirhams and nothing will happen, but you will lose the girl.For your safety, please take separate taxis.

There is no problem sharing a taxi during the day. Girls can drive with you day or night if you have a private car with a chauffeur. Police usually do not stop private vehicles. So if you want to have fun in Morocco and have a group of you, it's best to get a big villa and host your own party.In the end it's more fun, cheaper and safer. and you can get the best girl